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Dear Friends of Encouragers Unlimited,

This is a big week for Encouragers as we hold our very first fund raiser for literacy in Africa. This fund raiser is the result of close to sis months of the planning and hard work of friends of ours and of our kids, Paul and Amy in Saint Louis, Missouri. The heart of the fund raiser is all about the education of African children who do not have the same opportunities at life that many other Africans get.

South Sudan is rated the second last in literacy in the world (27%) according to a Wikipedia literacy list by nations. We believe that literacy is not only the greatest felt need of South Sudan, but the greatest opportunity to develop the newest democracy of Africa. Join us in doing our share in helping them get their literacy rates up.

Although Kenya is ranked 66th in the world in literacy (84.2%), our kids at Kings Kids Village represent a growing number of Kenyan children who just don’t get a chance to post high school education due to the prohibitive cost of higher education. We have recently set up a scholarship fund for our Kings Kids to help get them the tools to propel them into a life full of purpose and provision.

Come join with us whether or not you can make it to the City Museum. You can buy your entrance ticket or just donate online at:  The Literacy Project.

Jon and Molly Stern

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